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Wagait Shire Council and Cox Peninsula Volunteer Emergency Services

wavesHome and property preparation for a cyclone – Cox Peninsula Under normal circumstances your home, if built since cyclone Tracy in 1974, should be able to withstand a cyclone. Over time buildings may deteriorate if not maintained and some may predate the new building codes. Others may not be built to code at all. Buildings that have rotted timber, termite damage or loose roof sheeting are a problem for you, the owner or tenant, and for others around you if material becomes airborne debris.   Personal preparation of your property:

  • Secure all loose items of furniture and gardening equipment
  • Remove and lash down any loose building materials
  • Remove dead trees and other rubbish on the block
  • Lash down and secure any caravans, sea containers or cars
  • Tape/shutter windows and doors
  • Create an emergency kit of food and personal items
  • Store valuables and personal papers in waterproof container
  • Check generator operational (if owned)
  • Have fuel in your car and a jerry can for the generator
  • Torch with spare battery and a battery-operated radio
  • If you are absent from arrange with someone to secure your property

What not to do:

  • Don’t leave gas and electricity turned on if you intend evacuating your home
  • If you are clearing objects from your property don’t dump them other than at correct location at the tip
  • Don’t leave animal and pets to roam your property – leave them in a safe place with a supply of water and food

accidentsCox Peninsula Emergency Services volunteers are available to assist in checking your property if you are concerned. Please contact the local unit officer. Please note that this advice is a property check only. For building inspections, please contact the NT Building Board for advice.

Emergency Shelter – Cox Peninsula Under the NT Emergency Management arrangements public shelters are made available in the event that you need to evacuate your home if there is an impending cyclone likely to affect the area. The shelter is the council building at Lot 62 Wagait Tower Rd. The shelter is opened when advice is received that residents should take shelter if they don’t consider there house suitable.

Personal preparation if you intend moving to the shelter. Take:

  • Important papers
  • Current medication that may be required for a minimum 24 hour period
  • Small quantity of food, snacks,water (there are no cooking facilities)
  • Special requirements for babies and children
  • Wear protective clothing and shoes and bring a change with you
  • Blanket/pillow/waterproof poncho
  • Torch with spare battery

If you bring your car to the shelter you will be directed where to park by NT Emergency Services volunteers (NTES).   dogWhat not to bring

  • Pets of any kind
  • Alcohol
  • Swags
  • Dangerous goods eg cooking stoves, guns, knives
  • Large bags with household goods/clothes

The shelter is a non-smoking venue. You will need to register with the shelter manager when you first arrive. Staff at the shelter are voluntary so please respect their requests. If you are abusive or drunk you will be asked to leave. The shelter has limited capacity and cannot guarantee safety in all circumstances. You use the shelter at your own risk. The shelter will be closed when the all clear is given and it is considered safe to go outside.

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