November 2014 – Lisa-Marie Stones – President

Lisa-Marie Stones

Lisa-Marie Stones

Greetings Wagait Beach residents and friends,

As you are probably aware, due to the resignation of one of our Councillors last month, there will be a bi-election held on Saturday 15th December. We have two excellent candidates for consideration, so I encourage you to get down to Council on Saturday the 15th and vote for who you think will represent you best in this important role.

Another event to remember – we are holding a Public Forum at the Community Centre on Tuesday 18 November 2014 at 630pm, prior to the Ordinary Council meeting in Council Chambers at 7pm.

This forum is an opportunity provide feedback and suggestions or to put across your view on particular issues in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

It is hoped that feedback and suggestions gained in these regular public forums can inform future strategic development of your Council.

In another opportunity to engage with your Council, we have now introduced a process whereby Council can address questions from the public at meetings. Questions from our residents can be submitted to the CEO prior to any ordinary meeting. The question and answer will be tabled and discussed, and residents can attend the meeting for the outcome or have it mailed to them afterward. For more information on this, or to submit your question or feedback please contact the office.

I am happy to announce that the new generator has been installed at the Council Office which will give us greater capacity if we need to shelter in the cyclone season to come.

A cyclone clean-up day was held on Monday 10/11/2014. Five properties left equipment for pick up by Council staff. As we are all aware, it is important to remember the danger to the Community if you have loose materials and equipment unsecured on your property. If you have any questions regarding the disposal or securing of these, please don’t hesitate to contact the office for advice.

Weeds Management NT has provided equipment and pesticide to Wagait Council for free use by our community to combat the growth of Gamba Grass. A notice will soon be put on boards explaining the process for loan. In the meantime you can contact the officer with any enquiries. The new AFL and soccer goal posts at the Sports ground look impressive. A bat/ball wall will be completed by next month at the grounds. With school holidays fast approaching – and a robust Sport and Rec programme happening, it is expected these new facilities will get a work-out!

Hope to see you all at the election, public forum, or just around town.

Yours in community.