November 2016 – President Peter Clee

Peter Purpose of Report

 To Inform Council and community of the Presidents activities and to provide the community at large with information that the president sees as important and noteworthy.

 What’s been happening……

 The Financial Statements were received from the new Auditors. The CEOI and I met with the Auditors to clarify and iron out a few issues with the reports. The Audit report has is considered a clean report without any qualifications.

The Annual Report was adopted at the October meeting and is available on the council web site. Council will now begin the process of writing the Annual Plan for 2017 / 18 as well as updating the Strategic Plan and Long Term Financial Plans.

The Audit Committee met on 18th October and will meet quarterly or thereabouts. This next meeting of the Audit Committee will be held on December 8th.

The ordinary council meeting in December has been cancelled. The next meeting of council will be on 17th January 2017.

Where have I been …..

14th October                       Meeting with Council Auditors
18th October                       Weekly Meeting with CEO
18th October                       Audit Committee Meeting
18th October                       Ordinary Council Meeting
25th October                       Weekly Meeting with CEO
27th October                       Mandorah Ferry Committee meeting
27th October                       Meeting with LOWRYS, Council Auditors
2nd November                   Weekly Meeting with CEO
8th November                    Weekly Meeting with CEO
9th November                    TRI-Council meeting (Wagait, Belyuen and Coomalie) @ Belyuen
10th November                 Local Government Disciplinary Committee
15th November                 Weekly meeting with CEO
15th November                 Ordinary Council meeting

Upcoming Meetings and Events

TOPROC meeting is to be held on 18th November.
LGANT General Meeting is to be held on 30 October and 1, 2 December
AUDIT COMMITTEE meeting on 8th December
Meeting with Local Government Minister Gerry McCarthy approx.  8th December
Hearing of Local Government Disciplinary Committee approx. 19 and 20 January 2017
Australia Day 26th January 2017

 I wish all Councillors, Staff and the community as a whole a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017.