Recycle your Cans

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Envirobank NT will be operating their Mobile Collection Depot at Wagait Beach Supermarket Saturday September 12 9.00AM – 12.00PM.

To ensure your waiting time is as short as possible Envirobank make the following recommendations:

  •   Pre-sort your containers into separate lots – cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles and liquid paper (flavoured milk and fruit juice) containers;
  •   Envirobank will weigh glass bottles and cans to determine the number of these items;
  •   Pre-count plastic bottles and liquid paper containers – Envirobank will accept your count provided the total is reasonable and not obviously inaccurate;
  •   If your bottles, etc. are already in cartons or other containers then Envirobank will be able to take these boxes as they are without the need to re-sort them;
  •   Bales full of glass containers will be refused as they are too heavy to handle;
  •   Cans should be left in shape and not squashed.